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Welcome to Roots of Healing a place to heal the mind and body through natural means. 

Roots of Healing provides organic
aromatherapy products, supplements,
and education on health and wellness. 

Roots of Healing is about using natural resources to heal the mind and body.  Ingredients used to create the aromatherapy products come from all natural, organic, wild crafted or unsprayed resources.  Quality is extremely important for the product to be helpful in the healing process.

Consultant Services

Roots of Healing owner, Tina Wankey, has received training in many areas.  The newest areas are as a nutraMetrix Consultant and TLS Weight Loss Coach. As a nutraMetrix Consultant, she helps health professionals create wellness solutions in their practices to help meet their patients/clients needs. She also can coach people either individually or as a group to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are a Health Professional looking for wellness solutions for your practice or an individual looking for general or specific health solutions,
please contact Tina at (920)277-6738 or via email at

NEW at Roots of Healing

Roots of Healing has added a line of supplements to aid in healing the body naturally. 

Roots of Healing is now a distributor of Isotonix products which are unique supplements that are absorbed at a rate of up to 90-95% versus traditional supplements at 20-30%.  These products give the body the basic nutrients it could be lacking in so the body can function the way it needs to.  These are wonderful supplements, which line up with Roots of Healing philosophy of utilizing natural ways to be healthy.




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